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EE/CI 2011 – What I Thought

Personally I had an excellent time at the conference. Although coming from a small midwest town – and it being the first time in NYC – I felt like I missed half the conference just because I couldn't navigate through the giant concrete jungle. Unfortuntely as a result of my ignorance and genuine bewidlerment, I missed the morning sessions on both days, but the talks I did see were definitely top notch. One of the things I love about working in technology – particularIy startups and software development – is the ability to break the norms and get outside the box of expectation. In fact, I would be dissappointed if it was any different. And I also appreciate the fact that majority of the folks at tech conferences are open minded people with a good senses of humor. It's these unique traits that create an environment where I can walk around barefoot wearing whatever I want and hair halway down my back. It's these things that allow me to please clients and make great products. It's these things that make me want to come back and feel welcome and invited at conference. I had a hell of a time meeting all of you and I am sorry I didn't get a chance to speak others that I couldn't find. But the the bottom line: I am looking forward to see you all next time. And of course, thanks to Rob for the shoutout – it means a lot.

Heading to the EE/CI conference…

Well, it's time – time for my first EE/CI conference. I just recently got involved with ExpressionEngine community within the last year. I'm still relatively new compared to most people, so this should be a good way to learn some new things about ExpressionEngine. Not really sure what else to expect, other than a great time in New York.

I am back from my summer haitus and anticipate full steam ahead on these projects after the conference. I am really excited about the my current list of add-ons. Google Maps  for ExpressionEngine is getting a major overhaul and gettiing renamed to v3.0. Instagram for ExpressionEngine is still in developement, and I have an unannounced add-on that will be made avaible after the conference. More to come!