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Channel Search

Developer API's

Channel Search is built around a series of extendible API's to customize it for your own needs. There are two API's: the Search API and Export API. The Search API allows you to customize the SQL queries, template tags, settings, and interface for your rules. These rules can be packaged and distributed within your own add-ons. The Export API allows you to create custom export formats so you can manipulate your data in the exact ways you need.

Expected Directory Structure

The directory structure is pretty consistent and straightforward. There are two directories that need to reside in your add-ons if you want to use these API's. This tells Channel Search that your add-on has classes that extend these API's. If the directory structure isn't correct, your classes will not be instantiated.

- system
	- expressionengine
		- third_party
			- your_addon
				- rules
				- export

Available API's