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Objective HTML

Channel Search


  • Custom Urls

    You can configure your searches to any url. Channel Search provides all the tags you need to build simple and advanced searches with any url.

  • Search Anything

    Using the core API, you can configure your searches is a lot of different ways. There are many different types of searches, each configured to do something unique. This includes searching catogories, dynamic and static values, locations, colors, and much more.

  • Highly Configurable

    The point of Channel Search is to be flexible and provide a seemless integration with ExpressionEngine to perform really custom searches. What you search, how you search it, and how you display it are all up to you.

  • Channel Entries

    Channel Search extends the native channel entries tag. It inherits all the same qualities as channel entries, while adding so much more. Channel Search is a great replacement for special feeds and queries that would often be more difficult (or impossible).

  • Control Panel

    Channel Search is configured in the control panel using a simple UI. It's quick, effective, and very adaptable to your own needs. Best of all, if you don't see what you need in the control panel, you can create it with the API.

  • Google Maps

    Channel Search is a direct replacement for the Google Maps for ExpressioEngine search. Channel Search provides a much more robust, yet simplified experience. We took everything we knew about searching maps, and built it right into Channel Search. Note, Google Maps for EE is required for geolocation searching within Channel Search.

  • Photo Frame

    Channel Search is also capable of searching photos uploaded with Photo Frame to search them by color in real-time. Channel Search can accept common color names, rgb, hex, and even custom defined colors using the color index.

  • Debugging

    Channel Search has some rather in-depth logs to make debugging possible. So many times clients will call and you can't figure out what they did to trigger a bad result. Using the database, you can check search history use it to debug your queries to ensure you are getting the best results.

  • Developer API

    Channel Search is built around a core API that developers can extend for their own needs. You can packages your own rules with your own add-on and it just works within Channel Search. Google Maps and Photo Frame are both great examples of how diverse the API can be. API Documentation