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Objective HTML


A configurable and simple server-side geocoder


  • Channel Entries

    Geocoder works when an entry is created or modified in the control panel, Safecracker, or the Channel Entries API. Define the desired channel and channel fields that store the address components, and the add-on does the rest.

  • Google Maps for ExpressionEngine

    Geocoder extends the powerfull Google Maps for ExpressionEngine to create a solid and well-constructed geocoder. The fact it extends this widely used and well-tested codebase is alone enough reason to use it.

  • Robust Caching

    Since Geocoder extends the Google Maps for ExpressionEngine API, the entire cache is inherently used. Meaning, any response created by the two add-ons is shared and reused globally to prevent any unnecessary requests to the API, which helps ensure you don't exceed your daily quota.

  • Server Side

    A server-side approach is used to provide a seemless user experience by not requiring JavaScript at any time. The end result is a page loads fast and universally reliable across all browsers.

  • Quick & Simple

    A simple and straightforward approach makes setup easy and without any learning curv. Install the add-on, and configure the Geocoder for the desired channels within minutes.