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Google Maps Proxy

Turn any ExpressionEngine site into a Google Maps proxy


  • Robust Cache

    Google Maps for ExpressionEngine utilizes a robust caching system that automatically prevent duplicate requests from being sent to Google. The cache is global and shared between all requests to the API. The cache length is configurable, so you can store the data for as long or as short as desired. And since Google Maps Proxy is an expansion pack, it also inherits these features.

  • Configurable Routing

    Having a configurable and dynamic URL to route HTTP requests is one of the most critical components to an API. Google Maps Proxy allows you to define your own URL schema to build your own API endpoints.

  • Solid Foundation

    Google Maps Proxy is built on top of the Google Maps for ExpressionEngine API. The libraries are rock-solid and proven to be extremely effective over the past 12 months. You can be assured that your API will be very reliable.

  • Quick Setup

    Google Maps Proxy is made up of a single template tag, so setup is quick and painless. Once you have your API template (or endpoint) setup, just open the Google Maps for EE config file update the proxy with your newly created URL.

  • Logs and Usage

    Monitor your API usage in real-time using the SQL logs. Every request is logged so you can always be sure your uptime is a close to 100% as possible, and find the sites that are causing API overages due to heavy usage.