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Objective HTML

Photo Frame


This method allows you to fetch the average color of photo using the fieldtype. If the subject photo has an average color stored in the database, it will be returned. If no colors is found in the database (for one reason or another), it will re-run the calculation in realtime.



This parameter will change the granularity of the photo used to calculate the average photo color. A lower granularity will result in a more accurate average, but take longer to calculate. So if you are perform these calculations in a loop, then it's best to raise the granularity. The default value is 45. This parameter accepts integers.


This parameter will change the number of colors used to generate the average color. By default, the 10 most used colors will be used to calculate the average.


This parameter is only applicable if you don't define any tagdata. This parameter accepts rgb or hex. By default, the single tag will return an rgb value. If you want to return hex, use this parameter.

// returns rgb(X,Y,Z)

	{your_field:average_color type="hex"} 
// returns #XYZABC