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Photo Frame


  • Image Uploads

    Photo Frame's key feature is image uploads and making it as simple as possible for the user, while providing the most useful set of features for developers. Your users will be up an running in no time without any (or very little) instruction.

  • Image Editing

    Photo Frame provides the best photo editing experience for ExpressionEngine by providing more than 15 different tools, and over 25 different effects. Your users will love it, and you will rejoice when all photos are uploaded with the correct ratio, proper size, and look stunning long after you launch the site. More Information

  • Photos Galleries

    Upload mulitple photos into a single field to quickly create photo galleries. You can even drag and drop the order of the photos. And then take it a step further by enforcing a specific aspect ratio with manual image croping so the images are all uniform.

  • Specific Aspect Ratio

    So many times after launching a site, the client will upload a photo that looks horrible simply because it's not the correct aspect ratio. With Photo Frame, you can enforce a specific aspect ratio to ensure that only the best photos make it on the site.

  • Bulk Uploads

    Uploading multiple photos is incredibly easy. Either drag multiple photos from your desktop, or select multiple photos from the file dialog. You can even select multiple photos from Assets windows.

  • Filemanager

    Photo Frame allows you to enable the native file browser to select existing photos instead of forcing users to upload a new photo each time. This allows you to create your photo directory nice and the file storage to a minimum.

  • Assets

    Take advantage of Pixel & Tonic's Assets filemanager with Photo Frame for the seemless experience. Assets and Photo Frame work hand-in-hand together to complement the other.

  • Matrix Celltype

    Take image uploads to all new heights with Photo Frame, which now provided full support for Matrix celltypes. Need a matrix of photos with a Matrix field? No problem.

  • Low Variables

    We took extra care to ensure Photo Frame works with this amazing add-on. With Low Variables, your photo's aren't locked into Channel Entries.

  • Safecracker

    Photo Frame was designed specifically for Safacracker and is a designer's dream. The UI can be completely stripped down and customized based your specific CSS. You create the front-end form and the design, and Photo Frame does the rest.

  • Zenbu

    Sometimes you just need to search your for photos of a particular color within your channel entries. Photo Frame uses Zenbu's powerful API to add an unprecedented color search into your control panel.

    Requires Zenbu v1.8.4 or later.

  • Image Manipulations

    Photo Frame extends the native filemanager class so the standard image uploads are supported, in addition to more dynamic options that are provided. Define any array of sizes and Photo Frame will create them automatically. You can even resize photos and maintain the ratio, or create a new one.

  • CE Image

    Photo Frame inherently works well with CE Image. Nothing special needed, just use the template tags for each add-on as needed to reach the desired effects.

  • Color Index

    Each photo uploaded with Photo Framed gets scaned and indexed for color. You can even template tags to run through the colors for each photo and output the hex and rgb values. Color search is coming soon.

  • Color Extracting

    Extra the average and most occurring colors from photos in addition to generating colors palettes.

  • Geolocation

    Photo Frame allows you to geolocate your photos by extending the all-mighty Google Maps for ExpressionEngine. When Google Maps is installed, a geolocation button will appear in the toolbar. A location, latitude, longitude, and zoom level can be saved for each photo.

  • Meta Data

    Using the Meta Pack Photo Frame can extract the EXIF data from your photos and allow you to repurpose that information using template tags. When used in conjunction with Google Maps for ExpressionEngine, the Meta Pack with automatically plot the GPS data on a map (if available). This process is automated and extremely efficient - it just works.

  • Text Labels

    Using the Text Pack Photo Frame can overlay text labels on your photos. Using the Google Fonts API, the Text Pack allows you to style your labels exactly the way you want.

  • User Experience

    Photo Frame has 1 goal: make the best experience possible for uploading and cropping photos. This is a huge task, and Photo Frame does not fall short. The interface is intuitive and the experience makes uploading and cropping photos a real joy.

  • Highly Configurable

    Photo Frame has over 22 settings to alter the core behavior. There are settings to compress JPEG's, change the button text, output additional help information, define a minimum and maximum amount of photos, a minimum and maximum size, and much more.

  • Additional Packages

    Photo Frame provides a robust API with hundreds of features in the core. But the beauty behind Photo Frame is that all the tools and effects can be packaged and distributed outside of core. Only buy what you need. View Packages

  • Developer API

    The developer API allows you to create various new additions to Photo Frame. Currently there are 3 API's: buttons, effects, and themes. The API is something you really need to see to believe.