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Photo Frame

Expansion Packs

Photo Frame offers packages which can be downloaded that add additionals tools and effects. These packages extend Photo Frame API, so you can buy exactly what you need. Although we encourage the full experience, thus purchasing all the packages is necessary for a top-tier editing experience.

  • Button Pack

    The Button Pack adds 9 additional buttons to the toolbar. The following buttons are included in the package:
    blur, brightness, contrast, flip, pixelate, rgba, sharpess, smoothness, and vignette.

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  • Effects Pack

    The Effects Pack adds a new button, and new effects viewer. There are 10 effects in this package, 4 are completely original. The following effects are included in the package:
    grayscale, sepia, emboss, edge detections, mean removal, negative, aged paper, newspaper, storybook, and midnight.

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  • Focal Pack

    The Focal Pack adds a new button that changes the way users crop photos. Rather than cropping photos in the tranditional manner akin to image editors, Photo Frame allows users to simple define a focal point and let the cropping occur dynamically.

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  • Meta Pack

    The Meta Pack is required if you want to read the EXIF (meta) data that is associated with each photo. This pack displays all the essential data any photographer would need. It will even display your data on a map automatically using the GPS data (if present).

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  • Text Pack

    The Text Pack adds a new button that allows users to create text labels that overlay photos. The Text Pack integrates with Google Fonts to provide you with the most robust and elegant library of fonts.

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  • Google Maps for ExpressionEngine

    Google Maps for ExpressionEngine is required to geolocate your photos. Just by installing Google Maps for ExpressionEngine a new button will be added to the toolbar.

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