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Notifications API


The Base Notifications class is the class from which all other notifications are extended. To add your own notifications, create a class that extends the Base_notification class.

Notifications Directory
Class Suffix


class Your_notice_name_postmaster_notification extends Base_notification {
	protected $title = 'Your Notification Name';
	public function __construct($params = array())
	public function send()
		// Your send logic
		$vars = array(
			'var_1' => 'Some Value 1',
			'var_2' => 'Some Value 2',
			'var_3' => 'Some Value 3'
		return parent::send($vars);

This a simple example. None of these method are required and will still work if you don't replace them.


The title of the hook.
The actual notification that is being used
The service response from the email service after the notification has been sent.


Postmaster Base API