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The definitive email solution for ExpressionEngine


Postmaster is a very robust application with many components. The core of Postmast is designed allow developers to extend each component to as little or as much as the developer desires.

Email Services

You can send any email with any one of the following services. If the service doesn't exist, you may create your own using the Email Services API.


Hooks allow you to send email with any first or third-party hook. Developers can extend the Hooks API to add advanced functionality for your add-ons and applications.


These are tags that are considered a part of the core.


Utilties are additional tags included in Postmaster, but do not alter the core API. Developers can use the Utilities API to create your own to do anything you desire.

Developer API's

The developer API's extend the core classes to allow developers full control of their application. This is not your typical add-on API.