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The definitive email solution for ExpressionEngine


  • Channel Entries

    Send emails automatically when channel entries are created or edited. Postmaster's parcels are used specify a channel, status, member group, categories, and/or custom conditional(s).

  • MSM Compatibility

    Postmaster is completely compatible with ExpressionEngine's Multi Site Manager. Manage all your sites' email notifications with the same add-on.

  • Override System Emails

    If you are running EE v2.5.x you can take advantage of Postmaster's ability to take full control over system emails. You can send things like forgot password and member activation emails with any email service. It should take less than 5 minutes to configure.

  • Send Emails for Anything

    With the all-new Hooks API, you can send an email for any hook within ExpressionEngine. Developers can even provide advanced integration and pass custom variables. New hooks are being added all the time, with 10 hooks to start.

  • Post-dated & re-occuring emails

    Use CRON jobs to send email at anytime in the future. Specify a specific and/or relative date to give you the maximum amount of flexibility. You can even configure a parcel to send emails at re-occurring intervals.

  • CRON Notifications

    Send emails with HTTP requests to specific URLs with CRON jobs that are designed to be sent specifically when you desired, and contain any message needed. Notifications can be used when neither a parcel or a hook is needed.

  • CartThrob Support

    Full CartThrob support is included with Postmaster. Checkouts, subscriptions, and even abandoned cart notifications. All emails can be sent now or at anytime in the future using Parcels, Hooks, or Notifications.

  • Store Support

    Full Store support is included with Postmaster. Sending emails for Checkouts and weekly notifications are possible with Postmaster. Postmaster will add the next level of integration with Store in regards to advanced notifications.

  • Email Services

    Postmaster supports a variety of email services including MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, SendGrid, Postmark, PostageApp, Mandrill, Mailgun, and even a full featured API to create your own. Of course you can use your webserver to send emails too.

    *Additional fees and conditions may apply when using third-party email services

  • Email Campaigns

    Postmaster provides the best way for clients to create and send email campaigns ‐ and without the client ever seeing a template! Once a parcel is configured, it's just a matter of creating and editing an entry using the same fieldtypes they are already familiar with.

    *Using a third-party service like MailChimp or CampaignMonitor is required

  • Manage Subscribers

    In addition to creating and sending email campaigns, Postmaster provides tags to subscribe, unsubscribe, and get subscribers for a variety of services.

    *Using a third-party service like MailChimp or CampaignMonitor is required

  • Real-time Previews

    Use a powerful code editor to quick create templates that can render your HTML, CSS, and ExpressionEngine tags in real-time. This really saves developers a ton of time and takes some of the monatony out of building email templates.

  • Built-in Documentation

    Postmaster provided quality documentation right within the control panel in attempt to never leave a user at a dead end. You will save yourself a lot of time by not having to leave your EE backend.

  • Developer API

    Postmaster was built around a series of extendible API's that can leveraged for virtually anything. You can even create your own new template tags and method without hacking the core.

    Developer API