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The definitive email solution for ExpressionEngine

Email Campaign Manager


Email campaign integration is a common request among clients. There are a lot of different add-ons that do various things, all in their own unique ways. This forces people into a box. Clients that use one add-ons (or service) may get things that aren't provided in another. More add-ons means more code to support and more things that are likely to fail when you upgrade.


Postmaster provides a suite of utilities that help you and your client manage their email lists that isn't dependent on any one service. Postmaster takes a different approach by basing everything on an API that standardizes these requests. You can use the same tag to subscribe users to MailChimp and CampaignMonitor.


  1. Compatible with MailChimp and CampaignMonitor
  2. Standardized and memorable API
  3. Stand-alone entry forms (SAEF) with inline error handling
  4. Easy to implement with AJAX

We are constantly adding features and compatibility with new services. If the email service you use isn't available, let us know. We implement services based on popular demand.

Supported Services