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The definitive email solution for ExpressionEngine

Email Form


The email form utility allows you to create a simple stand-alone form that you can configure to send emails for custom things. You can send emails to a single address, or multiple addresses with relative ease. You can pass custom data to the email templates for anything you need to make virtually anything possible.

Required Hook

It's important to know that the emial form merely triggers an event with some data for the email to be sent. Nothing will actually send without setting up a Hook within Postmaster. So navigate to the Postmaster module in the control panel. Create a new hook and use the Email Form Hook. Note, this functionality is very similar to the Email Endpoint Utility except it requires a form submission.

Supported Services

All email services are supported.


This parameter is required and defines the form field that stores the email(s).
This parameter allows you to define a form field to pass arbitrary data to the template. By default this value is set to data
This parameter allows you to pass an entry_id so that entry data is available in the email template without having to pass it data fields.


The recipient email
Any variable passed in the data field will be available in the template
If an entry_id is passed to the form, all the channel entry data will be available in the template


Note, this example will send 1 single email. However, for each index in the multi-dimensional array Postmaster will trigger an email to send.