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Objective HTML

Safecracker Registration

Front-end member management made easy


  • Channels

    Member profiles are stored as a channel entry, therefore you define the fields and fieldtypes. Member profiles can be managed in the control panel like any other entry.

  • Custom Fields

    Since Safecracker is just being extended to include member management, all the regular features still apply. Any Fieldtype with Safecracker support will work with member registrations too.

  • Login with E-mail

    E-mails are a lot easier to remember than a bunch of usernames. ExpressionEngine typically doesn't allow users to omit usernames. Safecracker Registration will use an e-mail address as the username if desired.

  • Inline Errors

    Member's are validated just like normal. The advantage to Safecracker Registration is its ability to pass error messages inline. Errors are processed using Safecracker's standard error variables and parameters.

  • No Redirect Screen

    For some reason ExpressionEngine present and ugly screen notifying users of their actions. This screen presents itself when the user logs in, logs out, and registers for system. This is pretty bad UX and it's removed with Safecracker Registration.

  • Greatly Reduce Spam

    When combined with Google Maps for ExpressionEngine, address validation can be used as an alternative to captcha services. By required a user to plot a valid location on the map, you are effectively ensuring a real human has entered the data.

    This is currently being used on Objective HTML and has proven to be very affective.